What can I say about Target Printing? Everything good. Amber at Target Printing is an absolute creative genius whose ability to take a thought and create a product is uncanny. She and her company work tirelessly until our promotional material is ready, pertinent, and visually stunning. Target Printing has designed all of our promotional material ranging from stationary, view books, business cards, and magazines. For any newcomers to the Marketing industry, have no fear, the staff at Target Printing's patience and willing to educate is invaluable.

Jean Cousins
Paramus Catholic High School

It is my pleasure to recommend Target Printing for all of your printing needs.  I have had been using Target Printing for more than five years.  Before using Target Printing, I had a printer who had decent prices, but whenever I gave them a project, I never knew if they would finish before a deadline.

With Target Printing, if you give them a deadline for a project, you can be sure they will have it done in time, even if it is last minute.  Target Printing is reliable and the staff is very friendly.  I often come in for some business and the next thing I know I have spent 15 minutes talking about all kinds of things!  I am so pleased by their service that I use them for my business, my personal printing needs and for many of the non-profit organizations I volunteer for.  I have recommended Target Printing to many of my friends and they all have become regular costumers of theirs.  Their pricing is very competitive.  Many companies give you decent rates on their printing, but charge enormous amounts of money for set-up and corrections.  Target’s fees for design, set-up and corrections are reasonable. 

I have no hesitation recommending them. I feel so strongly about them that you can contact me personally at scottreddin2003@hotmail.com about how wonderful they are.

Scott Reddin
Executive Director
Southeast Senior Center
Englewood, NJ

Target Printing & Graphics provides the most professional and superior service. When under pressure to have documents developed and printed, I can rest assured my order is handled in the most efficient and timely manner.  The knowledgeable staff who are always eager to assist are consistently pleasant and accommodating. When I have to meet deadlines and need it done right the first time, I never hesitate to rely on the expertise of the associates at Target Printing & Graphics.

Catholic Charities, Mount Carmel Guild Behavioral Health Associate

Working in an Urgent Care Facility, our customers rely on timely, convenient, and helpful service. Target Printing and Graphics has gone above and beyond to provide the same kind of service for us. Our facility can confidently place orders with Target Printing for prescription blanks and any other printing needs, knowing that the professional and friendly staff there will fill our orders quickly, accurately, and with the highest level of customer service imaginable.

Wesley Thek, MD
Executive Director
AM/PM Walk-In Urgent Care